Sanitization and Disinfection Service in Kolkata

During this emergency time for COVID-19 Outbreak , we have partnered with Safaimates , one of best cleaning company in Kolkata for cleaning , sanitizing and disinfection service in the city of joy. Food Processing Unit, Hotel , Restaurants , Office, Schools , Colleges , Universities and all other premises mandates very high level of cleaning , sanitization , workspace disinfection service . After partnering with leading cleaning company Safaimates , we are offering the following services in Kolktata.

We have introduced a comprehensive range of expert disinfection services . This is a proactive service for surface and spatial disinfection. Our disinfection services are managed in a safe, compliant and effective manner. We believe that health and safety of our customers & our employees is of utmost importance and highest priority. Being the leading home and institutional hygiene expert, we have taken necessary precautions and proactive steps to tackle the concerns around the spread of Corona virus.

Residential     Commercial

office sanitization
office sanitization
commercial sanitization

Services We Offer

1. Office Sanitizing/Disinfection Service
2. School Sanitizing /Disinfection Service
3. Residential Disinfection Service
4. Restaurant Sanitizing/Disinfection Service
5. Home Cleaning
6. Restaurants Kitchen Cleaning
7. Showroom Sanitizing/Disinfection Service

How it is done?

1. Our Professtional wear full body protective gear and carry required equipment with them.
2. The entire space is fumigated /sprayed with a special device , every corner and surface is covered.
3. EPA recommended hospital grade chemicals are used, known to kill disease causing viruses , bacteria.
4. All high frequency touchpoints of the office ( door handles, switches etc) are sanitized thoroughly.

Safaimates Guarantee

1. Kills disease causing viruses including Conronavirus (COVID-19)
2. Professionals equipped with protective gear
3. Certified, hospital grade disinfectant used
4. Total sanitisation of high touch surfaces
5. Our Hygiene Experts follow the social distancing protocols

Hygiene Advice From Safaimates

1. Please maintain more than 2-metre distance while walking, talking and sitting with colleagues.
2. Maintain proper distance in the washrooms and avoid crowding/chatting.
3. Wear masks in the common areas, cafeterias and recreational zones.
4. If you are not feeling well, please stay back home. Anyone with the mildest cold or fever-related symptoms will be requested to leave the premises.
5. Please sanitize your hands before punching in attendance at the biometrics.
6. Keep following the hand washing technique and frequently wash your hands with soaps while at work.
7. Please dispose all used masks and tissues properly in a dustbin.
8. Once through with your food, immediately vacate the cafeteria.
9. Avoid outside food boxes or parcels; if critical, please sanitize them before placing in your bags or workstations.
10. Do not to share food or drinks from the same plate or cup. It will help minimize any health infection.