Automatic Sanitizer Dispenser

Best Automatic Hand Sanitizer Machine in Kolkata

During this emergency time for COVID-19 Outbreak, we have brought automatic hand sanitizer dispenser machine. Powered by modern technology, this machine ensures sanitization of every pair of hands that enters your office, school, showroom or home. This sensor based dispenser machine is fully automatic and doesn't needs to operated by someone as in conventional ways of sanitization.

Touching manual sanitizer dispensers can cause spread of different viruses including coronavirus. Places which are often visited by various people must use touchless modes of sanitization. This wall mounted automatic sanitizer dispenser is completely touchless, and is provides optimum security against many deadly viruses.

Santizer Dispenser Machine
Santizer Dispenser Machine

Key Features of Automated Machines

1. Contactless Sanitization
2. Fully Automatic Operation
3. Alcohol Based Sprays
4. Sprinkler Based Spray System
5. Mist Based Sanitizer Dispensing Unit
6. Kills all Bacteria & Germs
7. Operator FREE System
8. Easy to Install & Refill
9. Wall Mounted & Table Top
10. User Friendly
11. Easy To Maintain


1. Material: HDPE Plastic
2. Sanitizer: Special Liquid Base
3. Capacity: 8 Litres
4. Operation: Touch-Less [Sensor Based]
5. Dispensing Cycle: 10ml per Cycle
6. Detection: 2-3 cm
7. Spray Time: 0-4 sec
8. Spray For: Hands
9. Operating Voltage Nominal: 220V AC
10. Operating Voltage Min: 160V AC
11. Operating Voltage Max: 275V AC

Hygiene Advice From Us

1. Please maintain more than 2-metre distance while walking, talking and sitting with colleagues.
2. Maintain proper distance in the washrooms and avoid crowding/chatting.
3. Wear masks in the common areas, cafeterias and recreational zones.
4. If you are not feeling well, please stay back home. Anyone with the mildest cold or fever-related symptoms will be requested to leave the premises.
5. Please sanitize your hands before punching in attendance at the biometrics.
6. Keep following the hand washing technique and frequently wash your hands with soaps while at work.
7. Please dispose all used masks and tissues properly in a dustbin.
8. Once through with your food, immediately vacate the cafeteria.
9. Avoid outside food boxes or parcels; if critical, please sanitize them before placing in your bags or workstations.
10. Do not to share food or drinks from the same plate or cup. It will help minimize any health infection.